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    Closet Voyage is a Canberra style blog written by Jiawa Lui – lawyer by day and blogger by night. Apart from personal style, Closet Voyage covers beauty, lifestyle and local international going-on fashion and style. Wearing our skin tight leather look Low Rider Pant Closet Voyage takes to this piece as a classic staple in […]

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    Mega babe Dominique Lissa styles her Dead Ivy looks perfectly – from day to night, her fun and flirty style is the perfect combo for whatever the occasion might be. Above Dominique is wearing (left) Brass Gong Jumpsuit (right) Two Timing Top with the Two Timing Skirt.

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    Whether it’s a picnic date or beach styled affair Sally Mustang has the look covered – shop our Pinacolda Jumpsuit or the new Winter 15 Night Heron Jumpsuit look today.

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