Closet Voyage is a Canberra style blog written by Jiawa Lui – lawyer by day and blogger by night.
Apart from personal style, Closet Voyage covers beauty, lifestyle and local international going-on fashion and style.

Wearing our skin tight leather look Low Rider Pant Closet Voyage takes to this piece as a classic staple in her wardrobe, this satisfyingly shiny coated skinny pant is pretty much perfect in her eyes.

Whether it be an excellent blazer that is innately chic, and transmits this through to any outfit, such as our After Midnight Jacket or our classic midi length Keep Calm Skirt, Jiawa Lui knows how to put it together.
A fashion statement that Closet Voyage lives by “The key to effortless style is to throw on a blazer and you’re instantly in put-together territory” – in our minds truer words were never spoken.

When it comes to an after 5 look, Jiawa Lui turns it up again wearing our Ever After Frock – perfect racer wear attire.